Welcome to our Zumba® dance fitness classes!

1 hour to have fun, burn your calories, and give you new energy to Latin rhythms as well as modern hit-songs! Bring a water bottle and your sport clothes. Start when you wish during the year. We have a free system without member-fees, and you don’t need to sign up for several weeks or months. Just pay for a class when you want to Zumba, or purchase a card for several classes at reduced price. It’s necessary to book your place + pay in advance for each class please. You can book for one or several dates with each reservation.

Email: info@danceandzumbafun.com or tel: 0484/661 000. We look forward to meeting you:)

Zumba classes
Thursdays 19:00 > 20:00

Teacher: Sofie

Tel: 0484/661 000

16 rue d'Edimbourg, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. info@jogovivo.be