Bollywood dance

Our Bollywood dance classes for adults are a source of fulfilment
and a smile. Bollywood dance is a complete
cardio, strengthening and stretching the muscles
and flexibility.
The instructor teaches classical Indian dance techniques,
with hand (mudras) and foot gestures, body posture, gaze and facial expressions.
and facial expressions. The beginners’ course is open to all.

Tala & Nritya means “rhythm and dance” in Hindi. We are an
Indian dance school offering colorful activities, where dance
where dance is a vehicle for smiles, magical encounters and
and personal fulfillment.

Bollywood Dance Classes

8-9.30pm: Bollywood Indian dance, advanced level

18h15-19h45: Bollywood Indian dance beginners
19h45-21h15: Bollywood Indian dance intermediate level

Prices :
1 trial/single lesson: €15
Annual fee to be paid from the 2nd lesson: 15€
Semester subscription: €206 + €15 mandatory annual fee (insurance included)
Annual subscription: 230€ annual subscription and insurance included

Info and registration:

16 rue d'Edimbourg, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.