Creative and Dynamic Stretching

Stuck at a desk all day and feeling stiff with tons of muscle tension? Or feeling like an easygoing and relaxing class? Then join us for Creative and Dynamic Stretching!

Based on movements and poses in yoga and contemporary dance, this class focuses on the soft elongation of muscles and joints to increase flexibility, reduce stress, and clear any mental or physical tension. Through creative exercises, we will lightly warm-up and stretch the body, increase our body awareness and leave feeling relaxed and ready to take on anything!

Thursday from 8pm till 9pm 
All Levels
Professor: Briana Ashley Stuart


Stetching / Mobility

This class will help you release tension as well as improve your flexibility & functional mobility to increase range of motion in your training and prevent injury!  And simply help wind down from your desk and your day!  

Tuesday from 7.35pm till 8.15pm
All levels
Professors: Nancy Terrasson, Santo Galasso

16 rue d'Edimbourg, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.