Tango Argentino


The original Argentinian tango, as opposed to the European version, is a pure improvisation dance, that leaves lots of place to a creative game of surprise and seduction. Dancing tango is based on walking. Each figure is a variation of a step. Therefore tango is for everybody: if you can walk, you can learn to dance tango.
Tango is an enjoyable and healthy activity, with proven positive effects on the physical and mental condition. It is a living and growing culture: there are many different styles, embraces and techniques, and they make the richness of this dance. Tango is like a universal language danced by individuals… The only way to know if tango is for you, is to try it
The tango classes are taught by the experienced and professional team of La Tangueria – a major tango school in the country, established in Brussels since 1996 – where tango is taught, performed and danced by hundreds of aficionados. There also is a large collection of tango shoes and outfits.
Argentine tango for adult beginners.
Thursdays from 20.45 till 21.55
April 30
May 7, 14, 21, 28

June 4, 11

Professeur: Marisa Van Andel
Infos: www.tangueria.be

Contact and registration for the  classes: info@tangueria.be
Places are limited! If you register alone, send us your age, height and languages so we can help search a partner.

5×75 minutes:

14×70 minutes (1 semestre):



Stufdent or under 26 yo: 50€/P
One try out class: 14€/P

Payed cash on the first class or on the Argenta account:
Marisa van Andel
IBAN: BE71 9790 7821 7569
Communication: “Your name(s) & Tango XL”

Intensive tango discovery workshop @ La Tangueria for absolute beginners and initiates.
Sunday 26/08 – 17:00> 19:45 (2 x 75 min, 15 min break) by La Tangueria
The prices:
Workshops of 2, x 75 min .: 25€ pp.
Students & under 25: 20€ pp.
For absolute beginners (no dance experience required), and for beginner beginners who want to discover more tango vocabulary.
In each introductory introductory workshop for absolute beginners, teachers of La Tangueria introduce participants to certain elements of the basics of tango: caminada, cuadrado, salida, ochos, rebote … Each discovery workshop has a different content, so those who participate in several workshops can discover each time new movements and expand their repertoire of tango. These workshops are therefore a valid alternative for learning tango also for those who do not have the opportunity to take a weekly course. Partnership: Singles who are looking for a partner can contact us to get in touch with each other: send an email with your age, your size, your languages to: info@tangueria.be.
Classes are given in English and / or French. The trainers also speak Dutch, Spanish, Italian and German. The reservation is required via info@tangueria.be, the number of places being limited.


16 rue d'Edimbourg, 1050 Brussels, Belgium. info@jogovivo.be