Collegiate shag

Funky  and  energetic  swing-like  moves  of  Collegiate  Shag  coming  all  the  way  from  student  parties  in  the  1920/30  offer  an  exciting  dancing  to  faster  swing  songs.  In  our  class  you  will  learn  characteristic  shag  figures  with  relaxed  upper  body  and  crazy  moving  legs.  If  you  haven’t  seen  shag  dancing  before,  have  a  look  at  the  famous  old  cartoon  “All  the  cats  join  in”.  With  Collegiate  Shag  you  will  be  able  to  follow  and  enjoy  very  fast  swing  rhythms  with  minimal  effort.
Don’t  hesitate  to  jump  in,  we  will  give  it  all  so  you  can  learn  Collegiate  Shag  in  a  fun  and  happy  atmosphere!

Collegiate shag classes
Thursdays from 19.15-20.30

Teachers: Anton & Lies

Classes start on September 20

Prices : 
• Session September 2018
– 16 classes from 27/09 till 31/01 (no class on 01/11, 03/01)
– 228 €  (204 € for students less than 26 years old) OR 160€ pp (143 € for students less than 26 years old)  for Apollo Hop students following Lindy hop classes
16 rue d'Edimbourg, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.